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Formule Brasserie - au Rez de Chaussée ( service continu de 11h30 à 17h00 )

Mussels marinieres 11,50
Mussels in cream sauce 12
Mussels with cider sauce 12
Mussells with camembert sauce 12,50
All our mussels are served with fries of la Baie du Mont Saint Michel
Mont-Saint-Michel Omelette 10,50
Ham Omelette 11,50
Cheese Omelette 11,50
Normandy Omelette ( With camembert chesse) 11,90
Ham and cheese omelette 12,50
All our omelettes are served with fries of la Baie du Mont-Saint-Michel and green salad
6 Oysters n°3 11,50
12 Oysters n°3 21
Homemade vegetable soup 6,50
Britanny farmhouse pate 7,50
Salade Payasanne (Green salad, crouton, bacon, tomato, hard egg, potato) 9,90
Salade du chef (Green salad, hard egg, tomato, emmental, pepper, courgette, potato and onion) 11,50
Salade normande (Green salad, cream, apple, smoked ham and normandy cheese) 12,90
Hot dishes
Club sandwich 9,00
Hamburger fries/green salad 9,50
Part of Homemade Pizza ( bacon, tomato, pepper and onions) 8,00
Salmon filer with creamy sauce 14,00
Chicken with cider sauce 12,00
Roasted leg of lam 15,00
Grilled sirloin steak ( pepper or camenbert or butter sauce) 15,90
All dishes are served with vegetables
Les desserts
Normandy Camenbert 3,50
Duo of normandy cheeses 5,00
Ice cream cup (2 flavors) 5,00
Homemade creme caramel 5,00
Homemade chocolat entremet 5,50
Homemade far breton 5,50
Coupe melba ( peach of pear) 7,00
Formule brasserie
à 15,90 €
At choice
1 glass of wine (white, red or rosé) 15cl
1 draft beer of heineken 25cl
1 glass of orange juice or coke 25cl
1 glass of cider 20cl
1/4 of still mineral water 25cl
At choice
Mont-Saint-Michel Omelette
Chicken with cider sauce
Plate of mussels marinières
Roasted leg of lamb
Salmon filet with creamy sauce
Salade du chef ( Green salad, hard eggs, tomato, emmental, pepper, zucchini and oinion)

All dishes are served with vegetables

At choice
Normandy camembert
Homemade creme caramel
Homemade Far Breton
Ice cream cup (2flavors)
Menu enfant
8,50 € (juqu'à 12 ans)
Cold Ham
Minced Meat
with fries or pasta
Caramel Cream
ice (stick)
Glass of Lemonade
orange juice (25cl)
or Coca Cola