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Prices net / Meat origin France
Normandy cider + blackcurrant aperitif 4,50
Kir Impérial 6,00
Kir Royal 8,50
Pommeau 6,00
Home-made cocktail 6,50
Coupe de Champagne 8,00
Normandy Coffee coffee + calvados + cream 7,00
From the Sea
Fish soup 10,00
6 oysters N° 3 13,00
12 oysters N° 3 23,00
Salmon rillettes with chives 12,50
Salmon carpaccio with citrus fruit olive oil 15,50
Mussels (pot)
Mussels à la Marinière 12,00
Mussels in cream sauce 12,50
Mussels in cider sauce 12,50
Mussels with camembert sauce 13,50
Plate of Chips 4,50
Normandy-sauce salmon 19,50
Cod with leek fondue 24,00
Mixed poached fishes with Beure Blanc and vegetables 25,50
Sea Bass fillet with sampshire butter sauce 26,50
Sole Meunière 30,00
Sole à la Normande 31,00


All our fish and meat dishes are served with trimmings.

Seafood specialties
Require 24h advance booking
95 €
(for 2 persons)

with 2 Normandy Kirs
and 1 bottle of Muscadet sur Lie (75 cl)
Home-made dessert
or Ice-cream coupe (2 flavours)
Produce subject to availability
Lamb Specialties
Traditional Roast leg of Lamb 20,50
Roasted leg of Pré Salé lamb 26,00
Pré Salé lamb chops (3) 27,00
Roast rack of Normandy lamb (2 persons) 52,00
Roast rack of Pré Salé lamb in thyme crust (2 persons) 59,00
Meat dishes
Chicken with Cider sauce 14,50
Pork filet mignon
with Normandy Sausage sauce
Grilled sirloin steak with maître d'hôtel butter or pepper sauce 20,50
Grilled steak with Camembert sauce (2 pers.) 49,00
Omelette specialties
Mont-Saint-Michel Omelette (Soufflée) 10,80
Cheese omelette 12,50
Ham omelette 13,50
Normandy cheese omelette (camembert) 13,50
Ham/cheese omelette 14,50
Our omelettes are served with chips and green salad .
For Vegetarians
Chef's salad
green salad, hard-boiled eggs, olives, tomato, emmental, peppers, zucchimi, potatoes, onions
Vegetables tagliatelles
Carrot risotto
Local produce
and salads
Vegetable soup (home-made) 7,00
Homemade farmhouse pate 8,50
Pré Salé lamb paté 12,50
Homemade foie gras and onion jam 17,90
Farmhouse salad
green salad, tomato, bacon, croûtons,
potato, hard-boiled egg
Normandy salad
green salad,cream, apple, normandy cheese, local smoked ham
Green salad 4,00
Hot goat's cheese salad 8,00